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    GEO Sprouter Glass Jar

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    GEO Sprouter Glass Jar comes complete with Glass Food-Safe Jar with Top Mesh Lid, Mounting Rack, and a Ceramic Tray as your base. Sprouting couldn’t be easier or safer! You can soak and rinse seeds directly in glass jar, and the mesh lid and angled support allow for drainage of excess water and beneficial air flow. Terrific for most any type of seed size, but some of the smallest varieties are not recommended (Arugula, Cress, Flax, or Basil).

  • GEO Terra Cotta Sprouter

    4.00 out of 5

    Born from the art and expertise of Tuscan craftsmen,the Terradisiena Clay Sprouter is the latest Sprouter added to the GEO line. An innovative stacking system allows you to either space the trays individually to create a dark and damp environment or allow air and light into the trays.
    Measures approximately 7 inches wide and 11 inches at full height.
    The Natural Terra Cotta Clay enhances maintenance of a moist
    environment for Seeds and the beautiful design looks great in
    any decor.

    • Approx 11in tall and 7in wide when assembled

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    Larosa Sprouter Plus Version

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    NEW “Plus” Version now here! This bestseller with a more simpler-to-use flexible design. Upgraded food-safe BPA-FREE plastic! This new design has fewer parts, is easier to stack and re-stack and now allows you to adjust airflow on two levels. The Larosa Sprouter is a clean and efficient way to grow your sprouts right at home! Enjoy fresh from the sprouter taste and the maximum benefits of the nutrients sprouts offer which is the whole point of eating sprouts!  Sprouter is designed with 3 growing levels, each subdivided into 4 sections allowing you to mix and match a wide variety of sprouts.

    The top three levels have narrow slots cut in to keep the seed in the tray, yet allow excess water to drain and enhance proper air flow.

    Made from durable green BPA-FREE plastic that is attractive and easy to clean.

    • Approx 9in tall & 8in diameter when assembled