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Terms & Conditions

The images used on this website as well as on the packages, represent the end product, results may vary.

Government guidelines may exist regarding the possession or cultivation of specific varieties in your area of residents. Contact your local authorities to inquire. Weston Seeds is not responsible for any penalties that may result from not complying with the guidelines for your area.

Weston Seeds takes strict measures to ensure proper purity and germination of each seed. Due to environmental conditions and individual circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee your level of success.

We are not responsible for any customs charges, taxes, tariffs and, or fees associated with exporting goods outside of Canada.

Orders may be subject to sales tax depending on the area you reside in. Please read the ordering info section of this site to see if any sales taxes are applicable to your order.

All sales are final. No credits and,or refunds will be issued and no returns and,or exchanges will be accepted. Please review your order upon receipt for any errors or discrepancies.

Weston Seeds is not responsible for lost or damaged goods during shipping. Shipping company will provide a tracking number upon request

For further information please contact us.
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